2018 Call for Proposals now open!

See full media release here

Canadian women are changing the world for the better in so many ways, everyday. But for women who have grown up outside of our urban centres, it can be difficult to get access to opportunities, navigate contexts and build key relationships to translate their ambitions into global impact.

Global HERizons believes in the power of all women to change the world, and provides young women from rural Canada with the opportunity to receive a modest financial contribution to their academic or career ambitions, accompanied with expert mentorship support to help build bridges between local and global impact.

Today we launch our 2018 Call for Proposals and seek passionate young women from rural Canada to submit a funding proposal for an investment in their globally-minded academic, volunteer or social enterprise project. This year we are particularly interested in candidates from rural New Brunswick, however, all eligible candidates from rural Canada are encouraged to submit an application . The deadline for proposals is April 30, 2018.

By accompanying our financial support with guidance, insight and perspective from some of Canada’s successful female leaders and changemakers, we hope to provide a springboard for women who may not have the personal networks and connections to the national and global spaces, but who have the essential knowledge, skills and passion that the world needs to tackle some the most pressing issues facing the planet and its people.


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